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Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney

The legal team at Steelman & Gaunt, Attorneys at Law, often see clients who have been injured who wonder if it is really necessary to hire an attorney to handle their personal injury claims. We truly feel it is in your best interests to discuss your case with one of our experienced professionals because we do this every day. We know the law, and what goes into these types of cases. We invite you to learn more about the benefits that we provide to you by reading the information below.

You May Not Know What Your Case Is Ultimately Worth

This is perhaps the best reason to reach out to us to discuss your case. Insurers know exactly what your claim is worth, and what they can offer to you. They make every effort to settle your case based on what is best for them, with little concern as to how your accident has impacted your life.

Our attorneys can sit down with you and talk about the value of your potential claim. We can review your injuries, determine if you may need additional care, and discuss any other issues that may be a factor in your case. Then we can explain what this means, what sort of insurance coverage may be available to you, and seek the compensation you truly deserve.

We Can Handle Everything On Your Behalf

Another benefit that our law firm can provide to you in regards to the work that we can do on your behalf. We take care of everything. The calls and letters from insurance companies stop. We negotiate with them for you, and present settlement offers to you along with our advice regarding these offers. You can focus on your recovery, instead of the stress of having to fight for what you are owed.

We Are Skilled Trial Lawyers Who Know How To Prepare A Strong Case For You

While the vast majority of cases settle, your case may be best handled by going to trial. Some attorneys avoid litigating cases due to the time and expenses associated with more complex cases. We have more than five decades of combined legal experience litigating these claims throughout the state. We are preparing for trial from day one.

A Commitment To Justice. A Commitment To You.

For more information about what our legal team can do to help you recover the maximum possible compensation available to you, please call our Rolla office at 866-915-4793 or send us an email using our contact form. We represent clients throughout Missouri with personal injury claims.