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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Accident Case

Steelman & Gaunt, Attorneys at Law, receive a number of common questions about motor vehicle accidents from clients injured in accidents around the Rolla area. We wanted to spend a few moments addressing those issues, and discussing what we can do to help you if you have additional concerns regarding your accident claims.

How Long Will My Case Take?

We hear this a lot from our clients. We know how hard it can be to deal with the aftermath of an accident, and we do our best to keep your case moving as efficiently as possible. In many cases, we are able to reach an agreement with the other parties involved that provides you with a reasonable amount of compensation for your injuries. This could mean your case is over fairly soon. In some circumstances, we may have to take your case to court to get fair value for your claim, which means it will take longer to resolve. We can tell you more when we meet.

What Compensation Will Be Available To Me?

This is another question that is very difficult to answer without having a precise understanding of the details of your case. Once we know more about the particulars of your situation, including the extent of injuries suffered in your crash, the amount of insurance coverage available as well the property damage sustained in the accident, we can give you a much better idea of what sort of compensation you may be able to recover.

What Should I Know About Insurance Companies?

There is only one thing you need to keep in mind about insurance companies — and this includes your own insurance company: Insurers are not on your side. They are not going to make sure you receive the maximum possible compensation for your injuries. Their goal is to settle your case in a way that best protects their bottom line. Never talk to an insurance company without first talking to an experienced personal injury attorney.

When Should I Consult An Experienced Attorney?

Ideally, you will reach out to us as soon as you have received treatment to deal with any injuries suffered in the crash. It is best to talk to a lawyer shortly after your crash, as otherwise there may be difficulties connecting your injuries to the accident in question. Insurance companies may try to claim that your condition did not result from the accident, and put up a more aggressive fight in their efforts to keep you from recovering full compensation.

Want To Know More About Your Accident Claim?

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific case with you in greater detail to learn if we can help you recover compensation. Please call our office at 866-915-4793 or send us an email to schedule your free consultation. We represent clients throughout Missouri with their personal injury claims.