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2 common car accident scenarios

Any driver who forgets how dangerous it is to operate a motor vehicle is making a very big mistake. At our law office, we are reminded on a daily basis what happens when drivers are negligent, distracted and fail to follow the rules of the road. The average driver, on the other hand, rarely encounters the injurious and deadly effects of a catastrophic car accident, and this can create complacency and a lack of attention to safe driving habits.

For this reason, we'd like to familiarize our readers with two common car accident scenarios. Hopefully, an awareness of these scenarios will help our readers stay cautious and defensive while navigating Rolla traffic:

Wrongful death claims: Requirements and circumstances

Fatal accidents happen every day in Missouri and elsewhere around the country. When these accidents happen as a result of another person's or party's negligence, unlawful behavior or recklessness, close family members of the deceased may be able to pursue viable claims for wrongful death damages against the responsible parties.

Not only will loved ones who survive the death of a mother, father, sibling or child suffering with mourning and loss, but they could be experience serious financial difficulties after losing the support of a wage-earner. In the case of a successful wrongful death action, Missouri courts might require the responsible party to financially compensate close family members for the death of their loved one.

Statistics about teen texting while driving in Missouri

Imagine you're riding in the car with your teenage daughter, and she is texting-while-driving. Every other minute it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a text message. Would you call your daughter out and ask her to put the phone away, or would you grin and bear it even though the behavior could potentially cause a fatal accident?

If you're like most reasonable parents, you'd probably take your daughter's phone away if you saw her texting while driving. At the very least, you would demand that she stop using her smartphone while driving. Not only is it unlawful for teenagers to text and drive behind the wheel in Missouri, but if a teen causes an injurious or fatal accident, the behavior could result in serious criminal and financial consequences for your teen.

Can I file a claim for damages if my spouse was injured?

It's never easy to see a loved one suffering from serious injuries after a car accident. If your spouse was injured -- in addition to sharing in the pain that he or she is feeling from the injuries -- you'll also be picking up the slack around house and home. If you have children, for example, you'll be doing double-duty to keep track of all your children's needs and these extra responsibilities can really take their toll on you physically, emotionally and financially. It's because of this burden, that spouses of injured accident victims may be able to pursue claims for compensation related to loss of consortium.

Loss of consortium is a special category of damages that seeks to remunerate the spouses of injured accident victims for the damages and hardship they've endured as a result of their spouse's injuries. These claims are usually filed as a part of the injured spouse's personal injury action. The noninjured spouse will simply be included as an additional plaintiff and language will be added to address the emotional and financial damages he or she has endured.

How do you survive slippery roads on a motorcycle?

Spring showers bring May flowers, and if you're in Missouri, the rain keeps coming in June and July. This is great for the crops, but what about the motorcyclists who have to navigate wet and slippery roads? Slippery road conditions can increase the chances of an accident for motorcyclists, but here are a few suggestions that will help the average biker keep the wheels turning even when the thunder is rolling:

Purchase good tires

2 Missourians killed in recent motorcycle crash

Although they are rare, motorcycle accidents are a part of driving in Missouri. The state rates in the middle of U.S. states and territories when it comes to bike crashes and the injuries they may cause, which is enough to recommend caution for all drivers living or passing through Missouri.

Occasionally, a motorcycle accident causes severe damage or injury and investigators determine that it happened because of another driver's negligence or aggressive driving. In these cases, the driver at fault may face criminal charges and any victims of the crash may sue for financial restitution to help their recovery.

What are family rights with a wrongful death in Missouri?

It is normally unthinkable to lose someone we love. In the very unlikely event that it happens, the survivors of a person who died due to someone else's action or negligence have the right to claim damages. A person's life can never be quantified, but the laws of the state of Missouri offer juries the options to try for the sake of their survivors.

Who may sue for wrongful death in a Missouri civil court?

Why do teenage drivers crash with such frequency?

Every day, as you drive to work, you pass the local high school. Without fail, you have more run-ins with dangerous drivers when you're near that school than you do for the rest of your commute.

A driver on a cellphone swerves into your lane. Another driver speeds and passes you in a no-passing zone. A third driver nearly runs you off the road, and you see him or her turning around to talk to a car packed with other young people.

Motorcyclist killed when driver loses control on I-70

Motorcycles are one of the most popular ways to get around Missouri. From the crowded streets of St. Louis to the rolling fields in the central part of the state, the roads seem to cry out for the freedom and openness of biking.

Unfortunately, the advantages and enjoyments of motorcycles come with their share of hazards. Bikes of all types are smaller than cars and trucks, making them harder to see. The lack of outside protection means that even minor collisions could result in severe injury, permanent disability or death.

Many people oppose larger trucks and trailers

Missouri is the crossroads of the United States, and transport is a big part of life in the state. Although the Mississippi River brings water traffic and many airports bring cargo and passengers, nothing beats trucking for bringing necessary goods to people.

Truck drivers have a great responsibility to people on the road, as large trucks are often hard to maneuver and can cause serious damage or injury in the event of a collision. The sheer mass of loaded trucks is enough to create a disaster.

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