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Why do teenage drivers crash with such frequency?

Every day, as you drive to work, you pass the local high school. Without fail, you have more run-ins with dangerous drivers when you're near that school than you do for the rest of your commute.

A driver on a cellphone swerves into your lane. Another driver speeds and passes you in a no-passing zone. A third driver nearly runs you off the road, and you see him or her turning around to talk to a car packed with other young people.

Motorcyclist killed when driver loses control on I-70

Motorcycles are one of the most popular ways to get around Missouri. From the crowded streets of St. Louis to the rolling fields in the central part of the state, the roads seem to cry out for the freedom and openness of biking.

Unfortunately, the advantages and enjoyments of motorcycles come with their share of hazards. Bikes of all types are smaller than cars and trucks, making them harder to see. The lack of outside protection means that even minor collisions could result in severe injury, permanent disability or death.

Many people oppose larger trucks and trailers

Missouri is the crossroads of the United States, and transport is a big part of life in the state. Although the Mississippi River brings water traffic and many airports bring cargo and passengers, nothing beats trucking for bringing necessary goods to people.

Truck drivers have a great responsibility to people on the road, as large trucks are often hard to maneuver and can cause serious damage or injury in the event of a collision. The sheer mass of loaded trucks is enough to create a disaster.

I-44 crash claims 1 life and injures 5 others

Missouri sits at the crossroads of the nation, and every type of transportation finds it way to and through the state. Although the roads of the Show Me State are generally safe, drivers must rely on each other to avoid injury, damage and death. Trucks can be a risk factor, as any collision with a large vehicle usually has consequences.

A serious accident killed a Maryville woman and injured five other people when a truck hit the back of her car on Interstate 44. Both vehicles were headed eastbound on the limited-access highway when the collision happened. The 55-year-old victim's car was pushed into another, which overturned and struck a pickup truck.

Law proposed in Missouri would protect elderly from abuse

What's the easiest way to protect the vulnerable elderly -- who usually cannot protect themselves and may not even be able to speak -- from the horrors of nursing home abuse?

Two bills introduced to the state House think they have the solution: cameras. One bill seeks to allow families the right to decide if a camera should be installed in a resident's room and doesn't allow the nursing home to veto the decision. The second bill, which has moved to the next stage of approval, would give administrators within the nursing homes the authority to approve or deny the cameras.

4 causes of motorcycle crashes that could involve negligence

Every crash involving a motorcyclist has the potential to be devastating, especially for the rider. Motorcyclists are very vulnerable in collisions and can be crushed or thrown from their vehicle more easily than other motorists.

Because the damages can be catastrophic in these crashes, lawsuits can be the most effective way to secure the compensation for which injured victims may be eligible. While legal action is not always an option, it can be when another party's negligence is to blame. Below, we examine four common causes of motorcycle crashes that may stem from the negligence of another person.

Distracted driving shouldn't happen — but it does

Drivers face many types of distractions while they are behind the wheel. It is up to each driver to make sure that they focus on getting to their destination safely. When drivers don't do this, they can cause accidents.

Many states have taken steps to prevent distracted driving. These include setting laws that forbid actions like texting while driving and implementing harsh penalties for these actions. Here are some points that everyone who drives should remember about distracted driving:

Study: High rate of pedestrian death may be linked to distraction

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) says that, in 2017, almost 6,000 pedestrians were killed in U.S. traffic crashes. Sadly, 2017 was the second year in a row with that death toll. Since other fatal traffic accidents have been declining, pedestrian fatalities are making up a growing portion of overall traffic deaths. How large of a portion? Sixteen percent today, compared to only 11 percent just a few years ago.

"Two consecutive years of 6,000 pedestrian deaths is a red flag for all of us in the traffic safety community," says the GHSA's executive director. "These high levels are no longer a blip but unfortunately a sustained trend."

Defensive driving: Helping you avoid being injured in an accident

Millions of drivers and passengers are injured in Missouri through road accidents. You have no control over other drivers, but defensive driving helps you to reduce chances of getting into an accident. It is a technique that enhances your safety when driving.

As a defensive driver, you pay attention to more than just what is ahead of you. This means watching everything all around you on the road including other drivers. Your mind remains focused on driving by putting away everything that may distract you. Being a defensive driver, you should not eat, adjust radio, text or apply makeup while driving. It helps you stay alert all the time while driving. As the holidays approach, it is a good idea to think about what you can do to avoid being injured in an accident.

Take these steps after a car accident

Imagine driving through Rolla on Friday afternoon. You finished work early and you have a few extra hours of free time to spend however you see fit. Unfortunately, your plan for the rest of the day completely evaporated when another driver ran a red light and plowed into the side of your car. Now, you have to deal with a whole mess of problems.

The first few moments after a car accident can make a huge difference in your personal injury claim. The following post-car accident steps can help you protect your car accident claim.

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