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Car wrecks can cause life altering injuries to innocent victims

Many things can happen when you are involved in a car wreck. For many people, the primary concern afterwards is getting the vehicle repaired. One exception to this is when there are catastrophic injuries that occur during the crash. These include things that can dramatically impact the victim's future. We know that most people can't withstand the financial blow that comes with being suddenly unable to work at a time when bills are coming in at an alarming rate.

When you suffer from a catastrophic injury you might not ever be able to return to work. This is a tragic event for people who have built their career up to the point that they are truly enjoying what they do. Unfortunately, not all careers can make accommodations for things like brain injuries that make it impossible to keep up with demanding duties or spinal cord injuries that don't allow for rapid movements or a full range of motion.

Negligence in nursing homes can lead to serious problems

Many individuals who are in nursing homes are vulnerable and depend completely on the people who are there to take care of them. When those workers don't take their job duties seriously, the residents are the ones who can suffer. In some cases, this can lead to negligence, which can lead to serious issues for the residents.

One possible issue that comes up with negligence in a nursing home is unsanitary living conditions. There are specific laws that govern what is expected of nursing homes in the areas of cleanliness, security and safety. The area where conditions aren't sanitary can have a part in how the residents react. For example, an unclean food preparation area could lead to sicknesses in residents that might manifest as gastrointestinal upset. Unclean restrooms in the patient area might lead to infections or even falls if there are items strewn on the floor.

You have rights after a semitruck crash

Semitruck crashes are horrific accidents that can quickly claim lives. When the victims of these wrecks do survive, there is a chance that they might have catastrophic injuries. In these cases, they need to be able to cover the costs of care for those injuries. This can be a costly endeavor because of the significant medical bills. Add in an inability to work that might happen, as well as other expenses, and you can imagine what the overall cost will be.

These individuals don't have to sit back and accept financial ruin. Instead, they might choose to seek compensation for the impact of the wreck. If you are in this position, a claim for compensation is your opportunity to try to hold the liable parties accountable for the crash.

Wearing a helmet might save your life if you are in a crash

When you are getting ready to ride your motorcycle, you need to make sure that you are ready when you leave home. One of the most important things you can do is to grab your helmet and put it on. This one action can help save your life if you are in an accident, but you must ensure that the helmet you choose is approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

There are many misconceptions that surround helmet usage. One of these is that the motorcyclist will suffer from neck injuries if they are wearing a helmet when another vehicle slams into them. The reason that this isn't true is that the helmet's cushioning will help absorb the impact of the crash, which reduces the stress put on the neck.

Trucker fatigue is a preventable cause of crashes

The causes of semitruck wrecks range from truckers' actions to defective equipment. The issue with these crashes is that some are preventable. For example, ones that are due to a trucker's fatigue could be stopped if the trucker had taken time to rest when the signs of fatigue showed up.

Unfortunately, it isn't always easy for a trucker to stop working when they feel fatigued. They are often expected to meet tight deadlines that don't make it easy for them to stop when they need to. There is also the matter of truckers having to follow Hours of Service regulations that are set by the federal government.

Neglect and abuse in nursing homes are horrific

When your loved one is in a nursing home, your top priority has to be making sure they are being taken care of in a suitable manner. The staff members at the facility are being paid to take care of the residents; however, some of these individuals take full advantage of the vulnerabilities of the people they care for. This can lead to neglect or abuse, both of which are horrible.

One of the things that you have to watch for is a sign that they aren't being helped in the appropriate manner. This can mean that they aren't being helped to the toilet when they need to go or that they aren't being given food and water. For some nursing home residents, being fully dependent on others for help with daily life tasks is difficult.

Pain comes in many forms after a spinal cord injury

One of the injuries that is possible when you are hit by a semitruck is a spinal cord injury. Unfortunately, this can be a lifelong battle that you have to fight because these injuries often affect you forever. This is especially true if you are paralyzed after the accident.

Many things occur when you have a spinal cord injury. One of the most difficult to deal with is the pain that you might experience. This can range from bothersome to mobility limiting. It is imperative that your medical care team takes the time to establish pain control so that you don't have to suffer unnecessarily.

Commercial truck kills toddler in Kansas City

A toddler is dead after being struck by a vehicle in Kansas City, Missouri. The tragic incident happened in the downtown area last Wednesday. According to the Kansas City Police Department, the 3-year-old boy was walking out of a store with his father when the accident happened, just before 1:30 p.m.

The accident happened after the small boy ran away from his dad, darted through two parked vehicles, and directly into traffic. A westbound commercial vehicle struck the boy. Emergency responders rushed him to the hospital. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save him and he was pronounced deceased at the medical facility.

Use caution during springtime rides on your motorcycle

The spring weather is just around the corner. More than likely, you are going to be ready to head out on the open road to enjoy nature's beauty as the weather warms up. Before you do, make sure that you are familiar with some of the basic risks that motorcycles face on the road so that you can avoid them.

One of the biggest hazards you are going to come across is that other motorists might not be watching for motorcycles like they should. This means they might look over you at intersections. Unfortunately, this means that you are at risk of being struck by that vehicle.

3 types of distractions that impact drivers

Drivers who are on the road don't need to do anything other than drive. When they become distracted, innocent people can suffer harm in serious wrecks. There are many things that can take a motorist's focus off the road, but they must resist this temptation.

The thing that makes these crashes so upsetting is that they could have been avoided if the person operating the vehicle made a conscious decision to pay attention to driving.

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