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Man discharged from nursing home, abandoned in rain

There can be many reasons why an elderly patient might be discharged from a nursing home. Their conditions may improve to the point where they no longer need such close medical supervision. A relative or close friend may open their own home to them.

Sadly, another reason is that their insurance no longer covers their care. That appears to have recently been the case for one sickly senior citizen in another state.

Do you know how to stay safer this winter while driving?

While some areas of the country are enjoying a mild winter, here in Rolla temperatures remain frosty. That makes it even more important to be mindful of the ever-present dangers of winter driving.

All it takes is one attempt at driving in near white-out or icy conditions to realize how quickly even familiar roads can turn into deadly environments. The below tips could keep you and your family safer this year.

Common brain injury impacts at the 5-year mark

Brain injuries, which sometimes occur in a car wreck, can have a long-lasting impact on patients. Many people don't realize how significant these effects can be, but taking a look at some common issues that plague people five years after their traumatic brain injury provides a glimpse into how difficult life is for these individuals.

On average, a person who has at least a moderate TBI will have their life expectancy reduced by around nine years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that there are several demographics of patients who are likely to pass away sooner than others after a TBI.

  • Men
  • Unmarried individuals
  • Lesser educated patients
  • Older adults
  • Unemployed people
  • Fall-related TBI patients
  • More severe TBI case

Neglect in nursing homes and communication challenges

Nursing home residents count on the staff members to handle their needs. When the workers neglect their duties, the residents can suffer great harm. It is critical that anyone who has a loved one living in a nursing facility pay close attention to what's going on, so they can help to stop neglect in its tracks.

Some nursing home residents are able to advocate for themselves, but this isn't always the case. Individuals who have dementia and other similar conditions might not have the communication or comprehension skills needed to deal with negligence. This makes it hard for them to stop it.

Many factors affect the impact of a motorcycle crash on the rider

Motorcycle crashes are tragic because the rider doesn't have much protection against the impact of a vehicle. Unfortunately, this puts them at an increased risk of death or catastrophic injury when they are involved in a wreck.

One factor that can have a positive impact on motorcyclists who are in a crash is wearing a helmet. This sole piece of equipment reduces the risk of them suffering a brain injury when they are struck, but it doesn't eliminate the risk fully.

Underlying causes of semitruck crashes

Semitruck crashes can lead to catastrophic injuries for the victims who are struck. For many of these victims, the cause of the crash becomes vitally important because they opt to seek compensation, and this becomes a primary factor in the case.

Determining the cause of the wreck isn't always easy. In fact, it can be a challenge, depending on the circumstances of the crash. There are several possibilities that have to be considered.

Bedsores are a major warning sign of nursing home neglect

When someone has trouble standing or walking on their own, especially as they age, they will likely start to spend the majority of their day in bed or a chair. Staying in the same place will drastically reduce their risk of a fall that could leave them with severe injuries or even a fracture that results in severe infection and potentially death.

However, staying in the same position for long amounts of time also create some rest now of a different kind of injury. Bedsores, known in the medical community as pressure ulcers, are a consequence of staying in the same position for a protracted amount of time. Although they can easily occur, they shouldn't. They are a major warning sign of neglect in a care facility.

Beware of drowsy drivers on the roadways

Drowsy driving is potentially deadly driving, so anyone who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle must ensure they are fully prepared to accept the responsibility. This includes being able to stay awake and focused while driving. When a driver becomes fatigued, they should get off the road as soon as possible and get rest before continuing on their journey.

Everyone on the roads can watch for signs that a driver is impaired. If they spot any, they can report it to the authorities as soon as it is safe. This might help to prevent a crash.

Deadly underride crashes are often preventable by vehicle guards

Commercial trucks are a major source of risk for smaller passenger vehicles. The size and weight of a commercial truck make it very possible for the vehicle to cause catastrophic damage to the smaller passenger vehicle in a crash.

Of the various kinds of collisions that result from a crash between passenger and commercial vehicles, the underride crash is arguably the most horrific. Interestingly, it is also one of the most preventable kinds of truck crashes.

Legal action might stem from anger after a sudden loss

When you lose a loved one unexpectedly, you might go through a range of emotions. One of these might be anger if the death was the result of a person's negligence. When this happens, you might feel compelled to avenge the death. You can't just fly off the handle and act out of sorts. Instead, you'll do better launching a legal action against them in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit.

A wrongful death lawsuit seeks to hold the liable party accountable for the financial damages that you suffer because of your loved one's passing. There are specific elements that must be present if you are going to do this.

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