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Fire Loss Contact Form

The United States has one of the highest fire injury and death rates in the industrialized world. Burn injuries are second only to motor vehicle accidents as the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. On average in the United States someone dies in a fire nearly every 2 hours, and someone is injured every 23 minutes.

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Do you know what started the fire and the names of any responsible individuals or companies?
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Were there any dangerous conditions where the fire started that you think started the fire or made it worse?
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Was anyone else injured in the fire?
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Do you know the names and identity of any eyewitnesses?
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Do you have any photographs of your injuries or any other physical evidence?
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What is the extent of your injuries?

Have your burns been rated and has a percentage of body affected been determined?
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What is your diagnosis and prognosis?

What are the costs of to-date medical treatment and the estimated future cost of treatment including reconstructive surgery?

What activities are you unable to participate in since your injury?

Have you received any benefits from anyone or been contacted by any insurance companies?
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